July 07,2021
what is oil seals FOS

What is Oil Seals? Grease Seals? Lip Seals? Rotary Seals? 

It is common known as sealing something, fluid, water, grease..etc .
  •         Simply, Oil Seals is a part of the component for machines, gears, rigs, tools or cars.
  •         Oil Seals is installed inside mostly of those machines, equirpemnts or devices to prevent fluid out and pretect dirts or dust into applications.
  •         Preserve the lubrication in system and Protect containmination away.

How do we select the oil seals?

  • Firstly, Check your application and specification first and  contact FOS Oil Seal. Our FOS Engeering team would provide the suggestions and proposal.

How could we identify the type of oil seals?
  • Generally, look at the seals lips and outer shape with rubber covered or metal steel. 

How do we know the sizes of oil seals?
  • Seals usually follows the applications where  the dimensions of shaft and housing.

Do you interchange OEM Number?
  • Yes, european oe number or other OE Seals would be fine for interchange.
  •  Basically, OEM number  come with drawing would be more accurate for inquiry. 

Could you provide dynamic sealing tests?
  • Yes,  there are more 50 test rigs in house in our internal Lab.
  • simply, basically 240 hours or 42 days long running tests are avaliable . additional cost applied.