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Since 1989, FOS has supplied oil seals and rubber molded parts worldwide for more than 30 years. FOS today provides customers with good quality and high performance Seals to meet customers' specfific requirements. With impelmeting QC management system and IATF-16949 certificated, FOS provides strict quality control, On-time delivery, Professional technical supports, Oil seals design proposal, and sealing solutions to satifify customers' needs and wants. Contact FOS with your sealing inquiries, that you may have. 

Oil Seals Catalogues:
External Lip Oil Seals of Automotive Oil Seals
  • All types are like general purpose types except external lip oil seals.
  • Especially designed for sealing rotating housings, e.g. unitized seals, oil bath seals, cassette seals etc.
Dual Lip Seals of Automotive Oil Seal:
  • With the spring loaded,  the primary lip retains the fliud in the rigs and preventing leakage.
  • Secondary lip would exclude or block dirt entering the rigs.
  • Applications which require two fluids from each other, e.g. used for separating ATF oil and differential gear oil.
  • Selecting stainless steel spring or case for corrosive medium being sealed.
Flange Case Oil Seals of Automotive Oil Seals:
  • Type J is reverse channel case to accommodate large clearances between the shaft and bore and added a flange and to provide additional strength.
  • Type JG is shotgun cases existing a heavy outer flange to strengthen the case.
  • There flange case provide the function of positioning the seal, minimizing cocking in the bore and early removing the seal from the bore.
European OEM No. :
          004 997 9347 / 008 997 1146 / 017 997 9947 / 018 997 1847 / 049 970 347
          054 1151 478 /
020 997 0647 / 041 823 47 / 063 430 7405 / 120 997 0346
          770 1471 376 / 770 85 7117

Combi Seas, Cassette Seals, and Off Highway applications:

PTFE Lip Seals of Automotive Oil Seal:
  • PTFE sealing lip for sealing aggressive media and sealing areas under high thermal stress.
  • PVB1 has a single lip element that combines the low friction properties of PTFE with the flexibility of rubber.
  • PBSC, PBTC are PTFE bonded lip seasls.
  • Flexsible Ptfe lips with OD Case Assebmbling Seals / Bearings application / two lips Ptfe / three lips Ptfe
Competitive Advantages:
  • Good professional technology
  • Experienced technical staffs
  • Strict inspection procedures
  • High quality and competitive prices
  • On Time Delivery
  • Problem identification & Solution offers
  • Seal Design Proposal offers
  • Seals tests for endurance and performance
  • PPAP Level III submission
  • International Standard Criterias
Nature of Business:
  • Manufacturer
Exporting Markets:
  • EU, U.S.A, ASIA and other world markets
Contact Info:
  • Address : 21, Tzu Chiang 2 Road, Nankang Ind. Zone, ( 54065 ), Nan Tou City, Taiwan. R.O.C.
  • Telephone : +886-49-2255986
  • Fax : +886-49-2255978
  • E-mail : sales@fos.com.tw
  • Existing molds: 15-50 days, depending on ordering quantity.
  • New molds: 30-60 days, depending on ordering quantity.
  • Samples Submission : 21 days with existing toolings.